Sitemap - 2022 - #WomenLead

Twenty memorable moments from #WomenInPolitics in 2022

Gender and social gaps in political interest start showing up in adolescence, finds new study, and other stories

In Senegal's Parliament, chaos erupts as male politician slaps woman MP over disagreement, and other stories

Chile’s ‘first lady’ is asking tough but the right questions about her own gendered role, and other stories

Sierra Leone takes a decisive step to improve women’s representation in politics, and other stories

At COP27, Barbados PM Mia Mottley leads the call for a rethink on climate finance, and other stories

Tunisia’s electoral law changes likely to undo years of progress for women, and other stories

Vanuatu finally breaks its decade-long streak of male-only Parliament, and other stories

When it comes to women in leadership, ASEAN members have much work to do, and other stories

Politics is on many girls' minds, but political office not so much, finds survey, and other stories

Kuwait’s parliament will no longer be a manel but that’s where the good news ends, and other stories

Fearing a feminist revolution, Iran’s regime prepares to come down ‘decisively’, and other stories

New laws to test Brazil’s acceptance of women candidates this election season, and other stories

In Türkiye, another woman MP jailed in continuing crackdown on her pro-Kurdish party, and other stories

Argentina in shock as Vice President survives assassination attempt, and other stories

Excessive military spending harms the cause of gender equality, argues new research, and other stories

Women-led countries had a more gender-sensitive response to the pandemic, shows new research, and other stories

A year since the fall of Kabul, what Afghanistan’s former women politicians are saying, and other stories

What Kenya’s women politicians are up against in the upcoming polls, and other stories

In India, gendered language throws politics into chaos as country gets a woman president, and other stories

Malaysian Parliament passes anti-sexual harassment bill, but not without a dose of sexism, and other stories

In blatant misogyny in Northern Ireland, revellers burn effigies of women politicians on bonfire night, and other stories

In Sierra Leone, woman politician is arrested for inciting protest against rising prices, and other stories

G7 discourse turns trashy in the name of Putin-bashing, and other stories

Women leaders prepare to fight as the US snatches away a basic healthcare right, and other stories

Can this country break its tag of having ZERO elected women MPs, and other stories

A seemingly innocuous election rule in India has a gendered side-effect, finds study, and other stories

Meet Francia Márquez, the gritty environmental activist making political history in Colombia, and other stories

At Harvard, three trailblazing women share their visions of leadership and politics, and other stories

#WomenLead turns two! 🎈

“We met them with the ballots”: Australian women’s revolution marches on, and other stories

Only one woman in the fight alongside 38 men as Somalia finally holds Presidential polls, and other stories

On Mother’s Day, here are seven instances when politics was unkind to mothers, and other stories

UK politics faces moment of truth as a string of sexist incidents rock Parliament, and other stories

German Left leader quits, calls out sexism in her own party, and other stories

Loophole in Nepal's gender quota law remains wide open ahead of local polls, and other stories

'Soul-destroying': women politicians from New Zealand become frequent targets of online hate, and other stories

Trial in Michigan governor’s abduction plot enters final stages, and other stories

The making of #WomenLead's new logo

A feisty opposition MP from Somalia killed in suicide bomb attack, and other stories

In refugee camps, Syrian women take up leadership roles, and other stories

In Timor Leste, one in four candidates running to be President is a woman, and other stories

On Women's Day, revisiting a 21-year-old UN vow on including women in conflict resolution, and other stories

In South Korea polls, top presidential candidates are rallying for the anti-feminism vote, and other stories

Three top EU leaders on stage, all this Ugandan minister could see was two men and a nobody, and other stories

Scotland got its most gender-diverse Parliament ever in 2021, and is hungry for more, and other stories

One year into coup, Myanmar’s fearless young women fight on to restore democracy, and other stories

UK MP reads out hate-filled email on live TV to highlight rampant misogyny, and other stories

New survey finds stark gender gap in young Indians’ political aspirations

In Thailand, new party promising to “build future” is launched with barely any women, and other stories

Jordan’s male MPs indulge in ridiculous fistfight over proposal to add "women" to the Constitution, and other stories